Calibration Services

Mahr measuring units are precision units.
Even with excellent care, a certain amount of wear of the mechanical components and a drift of electrical components can affect the measurement accuracy, and the results may not meet the specifications set.

Mahr therefore recommends to have the components of Mahr systems re-calibrated regularly. This ensures that the measuring unit is able to provide the required accuracy according to its specification.

Mahr Offers

  • DKD and factory calibrations forMahr equipment.
      Your advantage: you require only one service provider. This saves you time and administration costs.
  • Short processing times for Mahr calibration and fast calibration for selected testing equipment.                                                                         Your advantage: You have your measuring devices  back quickly.

Calibration labs  Accreditation Certificates

At the locations and at your premises, measuring devices and equipment can be calibrated with calibration certificates officially recognized by national and international standards.

Set up a date for your next calibration:

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