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Innovation in metrology. Mahr: EXACTLY

Used in the workshop and the laboratory. Mahr high quality hand tools are amongst the most important measuring instruments in dimensional metrology, due to the versatility they provide.

From robust manual gauges, through to digital calipers with WiFi feedback and comparators measuring to within 0.2µm, there is a Mahr hand tool to fit every measuring need.

With strong growth comes faster, more precise manufacturing. Smaller components require less margin for error and more stringent quality control. Manufacturers continue to feel pressure to produce high quality parts, without compromising on speed or efficiency, and to do all this at cost effective prices.

The importance of metrology in modern manufacturing has never been more prominent. Providing the crucial information for quick, reliable measurement to support and inform decisions, metrology has the power to drive manufacturing excellence.

  • Digital Caliper 18 EWR 500 mm Lightweight

    £664.20 excl. VAT

    Digital Caliper 18 EWR 500 mm Lightweight, digital display, waterproof, without measuring blade and locking screw above Measuring range From…

  • Indicating Measuring Instruments, Caliper Gauge 838 TA, 10 mm

    £430.20 excl. VAT

    Indicating Measuring Instruments, Caliper Gauge838 TA 838 TA Caliper gage 0-10mm0,005 mm depth 35 mm Ball Measurement Mdk Start Ball…

  • Micrometer Head 46 25mm

    £74.25 excl. VAT

    Micrometer Head 46 25mm with scales satin-chrome finish Measuring range from 0 mm Measuring range up to 25 mm Graduation…

  • Basic Unit 44EWG 6mm

    £702.00 excl. VAT

    Self-Centering Inside Micrometers Basic Unit 44EWG 6mm Measuring range from 6 mm Measuring range up to 20 mm Resolution 0.001…

  • Remote Control MC-R

    £81.00 excl. VAT

    Remote Control MC-R for for MarCom (MarCom professional 5.1) software interface  

  • Measuring Stand ST-D

    £696.60 excl. VAT

    Measuring Stand ST-D, height adjustment, with a hand wheel Height Adjustment  0 to 30 mm