Company History

Mahr – over 150 years of innovation in metrology

Company History – Our founder, Carl Mahr, recognised the demand for precision length measurement in the rapid industrialisation seen in the 19th Century. From the development of our first Vernier caliper, Mahr was on a pathway to success in metrology.

Starting as a family business in Esslingden, Germany, the business grew slowly and surely into the large-scale enterprise that it is today. With over 1900 employees in 52 countries, we now lead the way in innovation in design in modern metrology.

Mahr – Company History

1861 Headquarters of Carl Mahr founded in Esslingen, Germany
1868 Carl Mahr develops his first Vernier calipers from steel and brass
1908 Length measuring machine developed to read to 0.0001 mm
1937 MIllimess precision probe developed, reliably recording dimensional differences down to 0.0001 mm
1936 Feinprüf GmbH established in Goettingen, Germany
1964 Millitron developed, offering compact length measuring and nicknamed ‘the miner’s lamp’
1970 Feinprüf Corp. established in Charlotte, USA
1973 The company of Dr. Ing. Perthen GmbH in Hanover, Germany, was added
1979 Mahr sales and service facility established in France
1980 MMQ2 compact desktop formtester developed for evaluating roundness
1983 Mahr sales and service facilities established in the USA (Mahr Corporation, Charlotte and Cincinnati)
1985 M4P, the first microprocessor controlled roughness measuring instrument launched, along with integrated printer for parameters and profiles
1988 Production facilities in Hannover relocated to Goettingen
1994 Carl Mahr Holding GmbH founded in Goettingen; New production location established: Mahr s.r.o. in the Czech Republic
1995 Change to a single corporate identity with one name: Mahr; Mahr sales and service facility established in Switzerland; Development center established in Luneville, France
1996 Mahr sales and service facilities established in the U.K., Mexico and China
1997 Mahr sales and service facilities established in Korea and Brazil
1998 Inauguration of logistics center in Suzhou, China; Mahr sales and service facility for Southeast Asia established in Singapore
1999 Merger with Federal Products Co., Providence, Rhode Island, USA
2001 Foundation of Mahr Metering Systems GmbH in Goettingen, Germany
2002 Foundation of Mahr Japan Ltd. in Yokohama
2003 Extension of Mahr China
2004 Adoption of OKM Optische Koordinatenmesstechnik GmbH in Jena, Germany
Sales company established in Vienna, Austria
2005 Sales company established in Thailand and Malaysia
2006 Adoption of Helios Messtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Dörzbach, Germany
2007 Foundation of Mahr Metrology India in Banaglore, India
2008 Foundation of Mahr Polska in Warsaw, Poland Foundation of Mahr Trading Shanghai, China
2011 Mahr celebrates its 150th anniversary
2012 Mahr OKM GmbH and Mahr GmbH Göttingen fuse
2013 Mahr GmbH Esslingen and Mahr GmbH Göttingen fuse
2015 The MWF Roland Friedrich GmbH and ESDI join the Mahr Group
Company History