Company Aims

Mission Statement

Our values and mission statement encompass who we are and draw on our strong family business roots. In all our business functions we aim for.

Customer Orientation

Customer Orientation

Our mission statement is that we strive to for all of our actions to be oriented towards the customer’s wishes. We listen to our customer needs and feedback and use this to drive further developments. We approach technical challenges with an innovative and creative spirit.

Efficiency - Mission Statement

Reliability, Accuracy and Efficiency

These words describe our constant motivation towards economic efficiency, process stability, correctness and reliability. These themes are firmly anchored in all levels of the company as part of our daily work.

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Honesty and Trust

We duly show these values to all our employees, customers and investors. Creating the basis for a trusting cooperation. We regard mutual fairness as the pinnacle for business success and the requirement for any business that we undertake.

We only make promises that we can keep. We see promises as obligations, and are careful to observe the rights and laws of every country that we work within.

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Responsible Action

Responsible action. It’s our duty that we act according to our own initiative, out of responsibility and respect for our company. This leads us to pursue and achieve our goals within the company and beyond.

We strive for cost-effective solutions that ensure our economic and ecological resources in the long term. Nevertheless, we are willing to take calculated business risks to drive innovation.

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Cultural Diversity

Embracing cultural diversity is key to our success worldwide. We acknowledge accept regional and cultural heritage at each of our locations and respect country-specific conditions.