Quality Management

The central pillars of Mahr’s quality policy are to:

  • Ensure the class of every product and process.
  • Satisfy and exceed our customer needs.

For this reason, a number of companies within the Mahr Group have put in place a certified quality management system that complies with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.  Because Mahr counts many companies in the automotive industry among its customers, Mahr GmbH in Göttingen is also certified to VDA 6.4.

Extended Warranties

A competitive purchase price is, of course, attractive to potential customers. however, it is only one factor out of many that customers should consider when purchasing new equipment.

Cost of ownership is now a major factor influencing that sales of a suppliers product. “How much does it cost to own?” is now becoming equally as important as “how much does it cost to buy?”

In these days of financial constraint, customers take a long-term view. they expect suppliers to take some of the risk for future potential costs. When selling their product, suppliers now offer long-term support agreements at the point of sale, which cover the customer against repairs or product failures.

Quality - Brand

Mahr UK Ltd is no different. we offer an extended warranty agreement on most of our product range.

Our customers are made aware that the quoted purchase price includes installation and initial calibration of the product, as well as the first years warranty.

We can then provide a quotation for an extended warranty agreement which extends this warranty period into year 2, 3 or beyond.

The advantages are obvious. the customer knows the cost of ownership at the time of sale.

Product warranties

Our products are designed and built to be robust and reliable, and we offer warranties on all of our metrology tools.

  • Hand tools: 18 months for subsidiaries and 12 months for dealers and end users.
  • For all other products: 1 year warranty

Quality Policy Statement

Mahr UK is committed to understanding the needs and expectations of our customers and satisfying these needs with appropriate cost effective solutions.

This will be achieved through the active participation of all employees in the implementation, Read more…  

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