Small Measuring Handtools – For Simple, Precise Measurement

Producing quality handtools products, with a right-first-time approach, is key to successful manufacturing. Precise measurement at the testing stage saves on costly development time and reliable, repeatable measurement during manufacturing ensures quality standards are met.

Whatever the measurement need, Mahr have a measuring tool to meet that requirement. Drawing on over 150 years of innovation in metrology supplying world class measurement solutions, that same expertise is applied to our smaller tool range. Our range of small measuring equipment is expertly crafted from quality materials and is built to last, even in the toughest workshop conditions, delivering real value for money.

From robust manual gauges, through to digital calipers with WiFi feedback and comparators measuring to within 0.2µm, there are Mahr handtools to fit every measuring need.

Handtools - vernier and digital calipers - metrology

Vernier and Digital Calipers

Versatile and easy to use, Mahr offer a range of calipers to meet any budget and requirement. Digital calipers are available with waterproof casing, WiFi transmission for easy data capture and power saving features.

Handtools - Digital and Dial Comparators

Digital and Dial Comparators

For maximum accuracy to within 0.2µm and minimum reversal span error our comparators offer the simple solution. Digital options include a clear visual tolerance function and easy data collection.

Handtools - Micrometers


We offer a whole range of micrometers, from standard manual systems to advanced digital micrometers with USB data output. Each system is designed for ease of use, as well as precision measurement.

Handtools - Measuring tools and inspection equipment

Measuring Tools and Inspection Equipment

For daily use, we have a range of essential workshop tools including straight edge tools, set squares, bevel protractors, granite surface plates and accessories, and magnetic V blocks. All are designed with the attention to detail that you would expect from more advanced Mahr products.

Handtools - Standard, Gauges and Gauges Blocks

Standard, Gauges and Gauge Blocks

Forming the very basis of dimensional metrology, gauges were one of Mahr’s first product innovations. Setting the standards for many of our more advanced indicating tools, you can rely on our design precision and manufacturing excellence to deliver reliable gauges and accessories.

Handtools - Electrical length measuring instrument and air gauges

Electrical Length Measuring Instrument and Air Gauges

With excellent chemical and shock resistance and a plug and play functionality, there is an inductive probe for every electrical measuring task.  For non-contact air measurement, our air gauges offer highly accurate and reliable pneumatic length measurement.


Universal Measuring Instruments

Multi-functional instruments for a diverse range of measuring tasks, Multimar tools provide the cost effective solution.


Test Indicators and 3D Touch Probes

For 80 years Mahr have been one of the global leaders in test indicator production and innovation. We have developed a range of highly accurate and sensitive dial test indicators and probes for the most precise alignment and centering jobs.


Interfaces and Data Processing

All Mahr digital measuring devices come with MarConnect technology allowing Wireless or USB transmission of data collected. Our MarCom software translates that data into meaningful results and manipulation via Microsoft Excel.



We offer a range of mobile, hand-held profilometers and stationary, PC based surface roughness testers to suit every task and budget. Our PC based systems offer advanced 3D profiling and capability for diametrical measurement of contours up to 620 mm.

Handtools - Comparator and Indicator Stands

Comparator and Indicator Stands

A stable base is essential for allowing measuring equipment to work at its best. We offer a range of indicator and comparator stands with magnetic and 3D options, as well as sturdy centre bench stands.

Handtools - Dial and Digital Indicators

Dial and Digital Indicators

With friction resistant jewelled bearings and hardened gears, our dial and digital indicators are built for the most demanding applications. Long and extra-long range options are available.

Handtools - Indicating Measuring Instruments

Indicating Measuring Instruments

For highly precise measurement of internal or external diameters, our range of gauges offer consistent and reliable results. Suitable for specific measurement of teeth, groves and threads.

Handtools - Height Measuring Instruments

Height Measuring Instruments

For highly accurate and rapid measurement, Digimar height gauges provide operators with automatic movement and a large clear display panel. The robust system is dirt resistant and temperature regulating, and contains scribing for ease of use.