MarSurf VD 140


Why MarSurf VD 140 BG 12

5 Reasons why you should use the MarSurf
* Short measuring times thanks to high axis speed and automated measuring          sequences
* Simple, fast mounting and change over thanks to innovative clamping system       
* Magnet mount for changing the probe arm quickly without the need for tools.       
* Wide range of probes for virtually any measuring task.
* Spacious support plate and large measuring range: ideal for measuring large workpieces.

The MarSurf has the best performance and precise results in every sprint: 
 * Use in production or in measuring rooms
 * Fast and easy operation
 Measuring accuracy, optimized for cylindricity tolerances
 * Less rejection, saves time, reduced production costs
 * Maintenance-free, high-precision mechanical bearing

Ground to ground time of the new MarSurf VD 140 compared to a similar device. 

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