Roughness and waviness in record time with 140 mm measuring path

The MarSurf GD 140 setting a new standard in surface roughness analysis, profiling and waviness.

High-speed, reliable and repeatable results enable production companies to improve production quality through measuring in line and in the measurement room. 

The measuring stations are operated with our user-friendly MarWin software (MarWin EasyRoughness or MarWin ProfessionalRoughness).

5 Reasons why you should use the MarSurf GD140

  • Short measuring times thanks to high axis speed and fully automated measuring routines
  • Simple, fast probe mounting and change over thanks to the innovative clamping system
  • Magnet mount for tool-free probe changing
  • 390 x 430 support plate for large workpieces
  • Wide range of probes for virtually any measuring task.
  • Spacious support plate and large measuring range: ideal for measuring large workpieces.

Applications for the MarSurf GD140

Mechanical Engineering

  • Bearings, threads, threaded bars, ball screws, shafts, racks

Production metrology

  • Contour measurement in a semi-automatic process

Automotive industry

  • Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head

Medical technology

  • Contour of hip and knee endoprosthesis, contour of medical screws, contour of dental implants

Technical Specification

Positioning speed 0.02 – 200 mm/s (in X)
End of traversing length (in X) 140 mm
Measuring speed Up to 10 mm/s
Guide deviation 0.07 µm / 20 mm
0.2 µm /  60 mm
0.4 µm / 140 mm
Probe arm length 45 mm (x 1)
67.5 mm (x 1,5)
90 mm (x 2)
112.5 mm (x 2,5)
135 mm (x 3)
Resolution Measuring range 1: 7.6 nm
Measuring range 2: 0.76 nm
Measuring range mm 500 µm (±250 µm) for probe arm length 45 mm
1500 µm (±750 µm) for probe arm length 135 mm

We offer a range of financing options including monthly and quaterly lease payments that are available for super deduction

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