The professional all-rounder for roughness and contour with 140 mm tracing length!

The MarSurf VD 140 can be used in any production environment where precision surface roughness and contour measurements need to be taken. Our surface finishing gauge combines the highest speed and flexibility available on the market.

Up to 65% faster, industry-standard, large measuring range, with a weight rating of up to 80 kg and a simple clamping system. The latter enables improved repeatability and the high level of accuracy you need. 

The key speciality of the MarSurf VD system is the combination of highly precise contour and roughness measurements all wrapped up in one system. 

The MarSurf VD140 offers optimum performance and precise results with every measurement:

  • Can be used in the production environment or in measuring rooms
  • Fast and easy operation
  • Improved measuring accuracy
  • Less rejects, saves time and reduces production costs
  • High-precision mechanical bearing 

5 Reasons why you should use the MarSurf VD140

  • Short measuring times thanks to high axis speed and fully automated measuring  routines
  • Simple, fast probe mounting and change over thanks to the innovative clamping system
  • Magnet mount for tool-free probe changing
  • Wide range of probes for virtually any measuring task.
  • Spacious support plate and large measuring range: ideal for measuring large workpieces.

Technical Specification

Positioning speed 0.02 – 200 mm / s (in X)
Traversing path (in X) end 140 mm
Measuring speed Up to 10 mm / s
Leadership deviation 0.07 µm / 20 mm (with touch probe BFW 250)
0.35 µm / 60 mm
0.4 µm / 140 mm
Measuring range mm with probe system BFW 250
500 µm (± 250 µm) with probe arm length 45 mm
1500 µm (± 750 µm) with probe arm length 135 mm

with probe system C 11
70 mm with probe arm length 350 mm
max. 100 mm with probe arm length 490 mm

We offer a range of financing options including monthly and quaterly lease payments that are available for super deduction

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