Interferometer MarOpto FI 3100 VB

Interferometer MarOpto FI 3100 VB

Optical Measuring Instrument MarOpto FI 3100 VB

Measuring range 3nm to 6nm
Insures Measurement Error less than λ/100
Measure surfaces with 0.1% to 100% reflectivity


Product Description

Interferometer MarOpto FI 3100 VB

Simultaneous phase-shifting Fizeau interferometer is a real-time, high-speed, truly vibration insensitive metrology instrument with shutter speeds as fast as 10 μs. Ideally suited for shop/production floors, the interferometer MarOpto FI 3100 VB offers unsurpassed measurement accuracy, stability and repeat-ability. Mahr’s new SPARC technology ensures measurement errors of less than λ / 100 with no vibration isolation.


Application   Measurements of flat, concave and convex surfaces of any size, Measurements over long distances, including in vacuum chambers, In-situ measurements of optical, machined and wafer surfaces, Dynamic measurements for thermodynamic events, moving objects, etc. Characterization and removal of birefringence effects
Product Features  
  • Absolute Vibration Insensitivity
  • Measure between 3nm to 6nm
  • Insures Measurement error of less than λ/100
  • Measure surfaces with 0.1% to 100% reflectivity
  • Automated stress measurement
  • Remote Fizeau cavity & long optical path applications
  • 10μs exposure times
  • True 1k x 1k resolution, fringe densities equivalent to ≥ 250 fringes of tilt
  • Uses Industry Standard 100 mm (4") bayonet reference optics
IntelliWave™ Software
  • Multiple fringe unwrapping algorithms
  • Multiple aberration polynomial sets for analysis
  • Diffraction and geometric analysis
  • Derivatives and Integrals
  • Complex masking including unlimited mask groups
  • Fiducials and image transformations
  • Measurements: Wavefront, Wedge, Angle, Prisms
  • 3-Flat Test, Two Sphere Test, Homogeneity
  • Interface to MATLAB™, IDL™, LabVIEW™, Excel™

Technical Data

System Metric / inch
Test Beam 102 mm (4.0")
Zoom 1X to 4X - Remote controlled
Focus ± 4.0 m - Remote controlled
Attenuation Software controlled
Alignment Simple two spot alignment
Alignment View ± 1.5 degrees
Part Viewing Live video with two monitor option
Performance 1
Repeatability 3-Flat 2 λ/300 PV
RMS Repeatability 3 ≥ 1 Å
Accuracy ≤ λ / 100 Instrument Error
Height Resolution λ / 8000
Spatial Resolution 1k x 1k True Resolution
Fringe Resolution Fringe densities equivalent to ≥ 250 fringes of tilt
Digitization 10 bits
Recording Speeds 15 Frames / sec. (faster frame rate options)
Exposure Time 10 µs minimum
Averaging Modes Intensity and Phase
Sample Reflectivity 0.1 to 100 % with no attenuation or special coatings required (1.0 to 100 % with HeNe)
Wavelength 633 nm (other wavelength options available)
Polarization Linear
Coherence > 100 m
Electrical & Mechanical
Power 110/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, < 25 Watts
Dimensions  489 x 330 x 325 mm (19.3 “ x 13 “ x 12.8 “ )
Weight 27 kg (60 lbs.)
Environmental Requirements 4
Temperature 15 to 30 °C (59 to 82 °F)
Rate of Temp. Change  < 1.0 °C per 15 min
Humidity Relative 5 % to 95 %, non-condensing
Vibration Isolation Not required
Configurations Operates in ANY orientation, Long Optical Path and Remote Fizeau Cavity, • OEM Integration

Mounting-o d
Power110/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, < 25 Watts
Dimension H 325 mm
Dimension W330 mm
Dimension L489 mm
Dimension H (inch)  12.8"
Dimension W (inch) 13"
Dimension L (inch) 19.3"
Weight  27 kg (60 lbs.)
Dimension H2  
Dimension Hb  
Dimension Hf  
Dimension A  
Dimension B  
Dimension k 
Dimension l 
Dimension n 
Dimension m 
Dimension p 
Dimension t 
Dimension H1