marsurf cd-280 bg12

MarSurf CD-280 BG12 Angle Adjustment

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MarSurf CD-280 BG12

Measuring range  500 µm (±250 µm)
X-axis 280 mm
Z-axis 350 mm
Resolution Measuring range 1: 7.6 nm



Product Description

MarSurf CD-280 BG12

MarSurf CD-280 BG12 – with Angle Adjustment – Contour measuring in a new dimension

The new MarSurf CD series from Mahr sets new standards when it comes to contour testing. With the new MarSurf CD series, manufacturing companies are entering a new dimension in order to reliably secure and improve the manufacturing quality of workpieces in the measuring room or close to production.

The new measuring station concept combines speed, reliability and flexibility. The aim is to increase the profitability of the system for your company.

MarSurf CD-140 BG11

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Innovative technologies:  Fast Axes
  • Positioning speeds up to 200 mm/s in X
  • 25x faster than the predecessors MarSurf PCV and MarSurf CD 120
  • All measuring stations of this series have a fully CNC-capable Z-axis
  • The Z-axis is approx. twice as fast as previous Mahr Z-axes
  • Up to 5x faster than the X-axes usually found on the market
Highly dynamic, intelligent probe system           
  • Probe arm recognition via integrated chip
  • Standard measuring range up to 70 mm; max. 100 mm with 490 mm probe arms
  • Magnetic probe arm mount, probe arm change without tools
  • The probe system combines robustness with dynamics
  • Optional: Expansion for roughness evaluation
Innovative work-piece clamping system
  • Mounting plate 390 x 430 mm with bore size 50 mm
  • Integrated 60 mm TY adjustment
  • The combination of mounting plate and integrated TY adjustment omits the needs for an additional XY table
  • Low work-piece set-up leads to an advantageously short measuring circuit, which positively affects the measuring results


Mechanical engineering
Bearings, threads, threaded rods, ball spindles, shafts, racks

Measurements close to production
Semi-automatic contour measurement

Automotive Industry
Steering, brake system, transmission, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head

Medical technology
Contour of the hip and knee endo-prostheses, contour on medical screws, contour on dental implants

Technical Data

Resolution max. 6 nm (with 210 mm probe arm)
Start of traversing length (in X) 0.1 mm
Probe arm length 210 mm; 350 mm; 490 mm
End of traversing length (in X) 280 mm
Positioning speed 0.1-200mm/s
Guide deviation 0.125 µm / 60 mm 0.3 µm / 140 mm
Measuring speed 0.1-10 mm/s
Measuring range mm 70 mm (in Z with 350 mm probe arm) max. 100 mm (with 490 mm probe arm)
Measuring force (N) 4 mN to 30 mN, in Z+ and Z-, adjustable via software