Roughness System GD140 BG12

Roughness System GD140 BG12

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Roughness System GD140 BG12 – MarSurf  GD Series – The new reference measuring station for roughness and waviness

Measuring range  1: 7.6 nm – 2: 0.76 nm
Manual angle Adjustment +/-45 ° with fine adjustment
Automatic Z-axis 350 mm


Product Description

Roughness System GD140 BG12

Roughness System GD140 BG12 – MarSurf  GD Series – The new reference measuring station for roughness and waviness

The new measuring stations of the MarSurf GD series from Mahr set new standards. In addition to surface roughness evaluations, profile and waviness evaluations can also be carried out. With the new MarSurf GD series, manufacturing companies are reaching a new dimension in order to reliably secure and improve the production quality of work-pieces in the measuring room or close to production.

The new measuring station concept combines speed, reliability and flexibility. The aim is to increase the profitability of the system for your company.

The measuring stations are operated with the user-friendly MarWin software (MarWin Easy-roughness or MarWin Professional Roughness)


Innovative technologies: Fast axes
  • Positioning speeds up to 200 mm/s in X
  • 40 x faster than its predecessor MarSurf GD 120
  • The Z-axis is fully CNC-capable by default
  • The Z-axis is approx. twice as fast as previous Mahr Z-axes
  • Up to 5 times faster than standard Z-axes on the market
  • Contacting and zeroing via the Z-axis
New flexible probe system mount with BFW probe system
  • Simple probe arm change and probe arm protection by means of magnetic probe arm holder
  • Probe arm holder allows the change from standard to transverse measurement without tools or adapters
  • Extensions for the touch probe are possible
Innovative workpiece clamping system 
  • Mounting plate 390 x 430 mm with bore dimension 50 mm
  • Integrated 60 mm TY adjustment
  • The combination of mounting plate and integrated TY adjustment makes an additional XY table superfluous
  • Low workpiece setup supports a favorable short measurement loop, which has a positive effect on the measurement results


Mechanical Engineering Bearings, threads, threaded bars, ballschrews, shafts, racks
Production metrology Contour measurement in a semi-automatic process
Automotive Industry Steering, brake system, gearbox, crankshaft, camshaft, cylinder head
Medical Technology Contour of hip and knee endoprostheses, contour of medical screws, contour of dental implants

Technical Data

Resolution Measuring range 1: 7.6 nm Measuring range 2: 0.76 nm
Automatic Z-axis with travel length 350mm and a manual angle adjustment
Size of base 715 x 520mm including working plate with 50 mm bore spacing and a 60 mm Y-axis
Motorized X-axis with travel length 140 mm
Manual angle Adjustment +/-45 ° with fine adjustment
Universal master device
Fixture for roughness master (Halle, PGN, MSS 3)
Probe system BFW 250 with standard probe BFW A 10-45-2/90°
Including  control and emergency button