Scope 250 plus C-axis tailstock

Scope 250 Plus with C-axis and tailstock

Scope 250 Plus Model with C-axis and tail-stock for the static and dynamic measuring of work-pieces clamped between centers.

Measuring range diameter (X) 40 mm
Measuring range length (Z) 250 mm
Length/diameter resolution 0.01 to 0.0001 mm
Length error limit (Z) (µm) ≤ (3.0+l/125) L in mm


Product Description

Shaft Measuring Systems MarShaft SCOPE Plus

Scope 250 Plus with C-axis and Tailstock

Scope 250 Plus Model with C-axis and tail-stock for the static and dynamic measuring of work-pieces clamped between centers. 2 centering tips with a cone of 60° for centering bore diameters of 2 mm to 15 mm (order no. 5361112) are included in package. and with 12 months warranty. MARSHAFT

MarShaft Scope 250 Plus

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Application   Length, Diameter, Form and position tolerances, Offsets, Recess width, Bevel width, Intersection points, Position of intersection points, Angles of rotation, Radii, Position of radii, Taper lengths, Hole contours, Angles, Pitches, Widths across flats, Outer threads
Product Features  
  • New, high-resolution CMOS matrix camera with a large 40 x 24 mm live image field allows fast scanning with over 120 images per second
  • High precision when measuring diameters and lengths
  • Extremely fast measuring times thanks to high measuring speeds of up to 200 mm / s
  • By using Mahr’s MarWin software platform, you can benefit from our decades of experience in length, shape, position and contour measurement
  • Excellent entry level price into the small optical shaft measuring machine segment
MarWin EasyShaft Software V9.0
  • The familiar Windows® user interface makes for a short learning curve
  • The EasyShaft user interface is in line with the standard user interface across all Mahr products (cf. EasyForm or Contour 1)
  • Clear, windows-based layout
  • User-friendly, 100% touchscreen functionality
  • Predefined macros for easy programming (e.g. diameter measurement at the touch of a single button)
  • Many functions can be selected directly via obvious icons
  • Touchscreen-controllable machine axes
  • The live image from the matrix camera is continuously displayed during measurement, i.e. direct visual assessment of the workpiece surface (e.g. soiling) even during measurement
  • For individual and series measurements: the ideal operating strategy for every task
  • User-friendly, state-of-the-art measuring program management
  • Time-optimized measuring program sequence, thus minimal measuring times
  • Clear measuring records – in black-and-white or color – output to all Windows® printers
  • Future-proof investment, runs under Windows® 7 Ultimate
  • Optional data export to statistics programs extends the range of functions of the EasyShaft software


  • Rim chuck with three jaws and Ø 70 mm with adaptor for the MarShaft SCOPE 250 plus
  • Outer clamping range 1 mm to 70 mm
  • Thread measurement
  • MarWin Professional Shaft software - ProfessionalShaft V9.0
  • MarWin EasyShaft offline programming software - Offline programming option for EasyShaft V9.0
  • Technical Data

    Dimensions (basic unit) W/H/D 1054 mm x 952 mm x 592 mm
    Equipment table height for optimal operation 800 x 900 mm
    Measuring range (Z) 250 mm
    Workpiece weight max. 5 kg
    Workpiece dimensions Software controlled
    Max. length in centers 250 mm
    Max. length in chuck 150 mm
    Max. measurable diameter 40 mm
    Max. swivel diameter in centers 100 mm
    Max. swivel diameter in chuck 50 mm
    Measurement resolution Adjustable
    Lengths/diameters 0.01 mm...0.0001 mm
    0.001 inch...0.0001 inch
    Angle 0.01...0.0001 degrees (decimal) or degrees, minutes, seconds
    Repeatability 4 s for 50 measurements 10 bits
    Length 2.0 μm
    Diameter (0.4 + D/80) μm; D in mm for clean, ground workpiece surfaces
    Error limit MPEE1 Intensity and Phase
    Length ≤ (3.0 + l/125) μm; l in mm
    Diameter ≤ (1.5 + l/40) μm; l in mm Valid in temperature range 20°C ± 2 K
    Travel speed Z max. 200 mm / s
    Rotational speed C max. 1.0 1/ s
    Optics > 100 m
    Telecentric precision lens; lighting with high light output in flash mode
    Camera 110/240 Volts, 50/60 Hz, < 25 Watts
    CMOS matrix camera with USB 3.0 interface 40 x 24 mm
    Full frame mode 120 images/s
    Subframe mode (16 rows)  approx. 1000 images/s
    Filter algorithm to exclude dirt particles during the edge calculation.
    Measuring computer  SFF-PC; WIN 7 x 64; Intel CPU; DVD-RW
    Ambient conditions
    Operating temperature +10 °C ... +35 °C
    Recommended working temperature +15 °C ... +35 °C
    Storing/transport temperature  -10 °C ... +50 °C
    Permitted humidity max. 90%; non-condensing!
    Temporal temperature gradient < 2 K / h
    Spatial temperature gradient < 1 K / m ceiling height
    Air pressure 1000 hPa ± 200 hPa
    Perm. ambient sound pressure  < 75 dB(A)
    Electrical connection
    Supply voltage U~ 100 V ... 240 V +10 %/-15 %
    Mains frequency 50 / 60 Hz
    Power consumption max. 500 VA
    Protection class I
    Protection rating IP32
    Sound level
    Emitted sound level < 70 dB(A)
    Perm. ground vibrations
    Range 0.5 Hz ... 20 Hz  2 mm / s to 50 mm/s linear gradient
    Range >20 Hz 50 mm / s


    Scope 250 Plus Product Specifications