Mahr doesn’t just supply great metrology products. To ensure that our customers get the most out of their Mahr systems we provide a whole range of auxiliary services from product set-up and training through to repair and exchange. We are there for the whole life cycle of each device ensuring that your Mahr measuring system continues to work well and provides the precise measurements that you have come to expect.

What should you do if your measuring devices are used around the clock but are in need of repair? Even in such cases, you can rely on Mahr. With manufacturer competence, we offer you an extensive repair service in our service workshops. Your unit is disassembled, cleaned, maintained and newly reassembled. A professionally refurbished measuring unit will therefore be sent back to you.

The operational availability of your measuring equipment is very important to you. To ensure smooth operation over many years, Mahr recommends you have your equipment regularly inspected. The inspection of your measuring equipment, which is dependent on your conditions of use and defined in your agreement, brings you considerable advantages.

Product Training & Seminars

Product Training
Mahr product training at all levels of experience are product specific (in front of equipment). They are designed and driven by our customers and not following a fixed agenda or time scale.

Mahr Seminars are general training on either surface, form or contour. There are different seminars according to products, software and metrology in general.

Application Support

Our network of experienced application specialists are on hand to support our clients in all metrology tasks and for the creation of bespoke measuring solutions. Our services also include:

– Sample measurement testing.
– Development and integration of measuring application philosophies.

Consultancy Measuring Strategies

Whether you require advice on new projects or help in determining whether your existing machinery is up to the task, we’re on hand to give advice on or off-site.

Calibration Services

Mahr recommends that its measuring systems are re-calibrated regularly. This ensures that the measuring unit is able to provide the required accuracy according to its specification.

– DKD and factory calibrations for Mahr equipment.

Your advantage: you require only one service provider. This saves you time and administration costs.

– Short processing times for Mahr calibrations.

Your advantage: You have your measuring devices back quickly.

Repair and Product Upgrades


– You have the reliability that the units are repaired by the original manufacturer.
– After repair, your unit corresponds to the specifications of a new unit.
– Only original replacement parts are used.
– Each repair can be supplemented with an in-house calibration.
– 12-month guarantee on service and replaced parts.
– Repairs are performed with the most modern technology (regular investments in special tools, diagnostic equipment and standard elements).

Exchange Service

– A fast solution to your problem by exchanging your defective unit

– 12-month guarantee on the entire unit or components and not only on replacement parts, as is usually the case with repairs


Constant further technical development means that systems become obsolete over time. A modernization of measuring devices should therefore always be considered in order to obtain the value of the measuring stations.

Original Spare Parts – As spare parts, we only provide original parts with the quality of our new products. They are subjected to continuous quality checks.

Service Agreements

Mahr also offers a wide range of technical service agreements for calibration, maintenance and repair.

Your advantages:

– Get a discount for long-term service, calibration and maintenance agreements.
– Get a higher priority in terms of scheduling
– Flexible billing
– Long-term scheduling (varying durations possible)
– Negotiated individually to best suit the needs of the customer

Technical Services and Maintenance

Mahr maintenance and calibration services:

– Maximum operational readiness by adjusting all mechanical, pneumatic and electronic functions as well a checking the software used.
– Complete and thorough examination exclusively by Mahr specialists.
– Issuance of a traceable calibration certificate.
– Early detection of wear-related disorders, thus less downtime and follow-up costs.
– Minimization of operating costs
– Optimum value retention of the machine.
– Preventive maintenance can be planned and effective in an uninterrupted production process.

Warranty for Systems and Products

Product Warranty

Our products are designed and built to be robust and reliable. We offer warranties on all of our metrology tools.

Hand tools: 1 year for dealers and end users.

For all other products: 1 year warranty

Extended Warranty

We can provide a quotation for an extended warranty agreement which extends the warranty period into year 2, 3 or beyond.

The advantages are obvious. The customer knows the cost of ownership at the time of sale.