Calibration Services, Repairs and Training – because we’re about more than just great products

Mahr doesn’t just supply great metrology products. To ensure that our customers get the most out of their Mahr systems we provide a whole range of auxiliary services from product set-up and training through to repair and exchange. We are there for the whole life cycle of each device ensuring that your Mahr measuring system continues to work well and provides the precise measurements that you have come to expect.

Pre-sales – Support sales people and customers, technical questions, product demonstrations and application support

Post-sales – Product installation, product calibration, further (future) application support, ongoing repair services (in-house, on-site), calibration services, maintenance services, product upgrades, training, software upgrades, remote diagnostics and telephone support

Mahr Training Terms and Conditions

MAHR Training

For application specific training both on and off-site, Our expert Mahr Training Services team are on hand to provide:

  • Product training
  • Practical training for operators and engineers (across the complete Mahr product range)
  • Seminars on the principles of metrology
  • Practical guides aimed at operators, administrators and designers
Application Specialists

Application Specialists

Our network of experienced application advisers are on hand to support our clients in all metrological tasks, as well as bespoke training sessions and for the creation of bespoke measuring solutions. Our services also include:

  • Sample measurement testing
  • Commissioning and set-up of measuring machines
  • Development of measuring application philosophies
  • User specific training including bespoke measuring program development, build, testing, deployment and support
Technical service and maintenance

Technical Service and Maintenance

Mahr also offers a wide range of services agreements for both calibration and maintenance.

Agreements can include flexible billing and have varying duration. All agreements are negotiated individually to best suit the needs of the customer.

We recommend regular inspections on all metrology equipment in order to ensure that failures are prevented and that measuring devices continue to operate within tolerances and with peak performance.

Repair-Product Upgrades

Repair and Product Upgrades

We offer professional refurbishment and repair systems on all major Mahr measuring devices. We have an extensive range of spare parts and provide a quick and cost effective service. Mahr customers can also make use of our exchange program with replacement, refurbished Mahr devices. Many of which are kept in stock and are available for immediate dispatch.

Mahr also offers a full range of product upgrades. By future proofing your investment from hardware and software changes, we can maintain your equipment to the latest standard.


Calibration Services

Our specialist calibration laboratories services ensure high dimensional accuracy whilst working within very low measuring uncertainties.

With Calibration methods and tools designed with the product and measuring programs supplied at the point of sale, we ensure that the calibration is standardised all over the world. This ensures that calibration is performed using the same process every-time.

Warranty of systems

Warranty of Systems/Products

A competitive purchase price is, of course , attractive to potential customers, however, it is only one factor out of many that customers should consider when purchasing new equipment.

Cost of ownership is now a major factor influencing that sales of a supplier product. “how much does it cost to own?” is now becoming equal as important as “how much does it cost to buy?”

subcontract measurement services

Subcontract Measurement Services

Our team of application and service specialists are available to asses and carry out measurements and capability testing on all Mahr measuring systems, with detailed results and data supplied as standard.

Our highly trained engineers can carry out this testing on your behalf or as an alternative you can hire time at our well stocked fine measurement room.

Consultancy Measuring Strategies

Consultancy - Measuring Strategies

Whether you require advice on new projects or help in determining whether your existing machinery is up to the task, we’re on hand to give advice on or off-site.