Mahr Training Terms and Conditions

Product Training & Seminars

Product Training

Mahr product training’s at all levels of experience are product specific trainings (in front of equipment). They are designed and driven by our customers and not following an fixed agenda or time scale.

This freedom allows attendees to follow at their own pace and time. It emphasis can be given on a specific points to ensure a total understanding of the concepts being presented.

Training groups are of varying size from one on one to a maximum of four. The small numbers ensure that all attendees get practical experience operating the systems and gain as much practical knowledge in designing application solutions.

Product trainings are provided either at customer site (using your own system) or in our Milton Keynes demo room.

Product training targets:

  • Enable customers to use their equipment confidently
  • To get lowest measurement uncertainties
  • To shorten measurement processes making measurement programs more efficient
  • Using all facilities the equipment has to offer
  • Tips and tricks
  • Train new employees

To book your next training please contact us on Tel: +44 (0)1908 563700.


Mahr Seminars are general trainings on either surface, form or contour.

There are different seminars according to products, software and metrology in general.

Seminars are provided either at our Milton Keynes conference facility  (up to 18 people) or at our customer site (number of people depends on facilities available). They are classroom based including some practical measurements and are driven by an agenda which will be published beforehand.

Seminar targets:

  • To gain a common understanding of
  • the standards involved,
  • the measuring products involved,
  • the environmental influences,
  • metrology through the design, production and inspection of components.