Your Partners in Precision Measuring Equipment: Mahr: EXACTLY

For over 150 years Mahr has been leading its way in innovation within the systems measuring equipment field. Whether it be calipers for day to day workshop checks or high end laser measurement calibration technology, we put the same level of care and expertise into each of our products. No matter the task there is a Mahr measuring device to help.


Profile - Roughness and Contour

We offer a range of mobile, hand-held profilometers and stationary, PC based surface roughness testers to suit every task and budget. Our PC based systems offer advanced 3D profiling and capability for diametrical measurement of contours up to 620 mm.


Form Measurement

To enable moving components to function efficiently over extended periods of time, it is not unusual to find geometric tolerance such as roundness to be no more than 5 microns and sometimes even below 1 micron. Mahr has a comprehensive portfolio of formtesters to ensure that exacting quality control procedures are met, from entry level manual machines through to the market leading 3D coordinate profiling systems we have the ideal solution for your requirements.

Systems - Precision - Reference Systems

Precision – Reference Systems

Mahr is a world leader in the production of high specification calibration machines, with a large global install base throughout the world. Used in inspection rooms, calibration laboratories and testing laboratories, Mahr’s range of testing stations provides semi – or fully – automatic options for the testing of all dimensional metrology tools.

3d optical box image

Optical 3D Surface

Mahr UK, a leading provider of dimensional metrology solutions, introduces the MarSurf CM series of Optical 3D surface metrology systems for industry and research applications. The new MarSurf CM’s innovative con-focal technology with high-precision 16-bit HDR technology delivers high-resolution 3D surface topography data, enabling new insights into surface structures and processing.


Geometry – Gear Metrology

Our gear measuring systems combine advanced gear metrology with form and positional analysis, offering the ultimate in modern quality control measurement. With a variety of models from the entry level GMX 275C to advance closed loop systems, we have a formtester for every price point and requirement.


Custom – Bespoke Inspection

The design and manufacture of high-precision, reliable part-specific gauges requires extensive metrological experience and expertise. Our MarSolution provides the option for build-your-own systems, based on our modular range of standard components with the Millimar range. For more advanced and bespoke system we offer a complete planning, designing and production service.


Shaft Measuring Systems

MarShaft shaft measuring machines are primarily used on the shop floor but their excellent measuring accuracy means they can also be used in measuring laboratories. the machines comes in various sizes and thanks to their modular design, can be optimized to suite the relevant measuring task. measuring directly on the shop floor during production saves you having to perform time-consuming measurements in the inspection room and improves product reliability.

Optical Measuring Instrument

Optical Measuring Instruments

The product group MarVision offers you the best optical measuring instruments for every application imaginable: starting from the simplest illuminated magnifiers up to the high-end workshop measuring microscope with touchscreen PC for the determination of geometric elements with automatic edge detection.