The new MMQ500

The new MMQ 500 is the best choice among the tabletop form testers due to its many possibilities for high-precision measuring.

The optimised design of the machine ensures that it can be implemented universally and guarantees maximum utilisation.

The innovative design of the device makes it extremely easy to operate. You can easily position all the components perfectly for measurement, using one hand.

The sophisticated, high-performance software ensures measurements are completed quickly and safely.


  • Shortest throughput time on the market
  • Can be used universally for small workpieces of just a few millimetres right through to
  • heavy workpieces of up to 80 kg
  • Measurement of form, position, roughness, contour, and lead in one measuring sequence
  • Intuitive software
  • Highest axis accuracy even as the tolerances become smaller
  • Best repeatability even for difficult measuring task

Up to 75% faster than the market standard

The newly developed cantering and tilting table enables alignments to be completed faster than on comparable models thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

High load capacity
You can even measure heavy workpieces of up to 80 kg using the particularly high-performance ZK table.

For more information on the MMQ 500 please call Mahr UK on 01908 563700 or email

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