Wireless Data Transmission!

Mahr has enhanced its range of MarCal digital callipers with the addition of wireless data transmission feature.

We have used a proven wireless technology on the new MarCal digital callipers to transmit data to a small i-stick receiver, which resembles a common USB flash drive.

The MarCom software provided by Mahr makes data acquisition even simpler and is totally free!

A user simply needs to take a measurement and transmit the data directly into MS Excel or through a keyboard code into any Windows program without the need for complex cables.

It is also possible to adapt the 16 EWRi wireless data collection features to current SPC applications.

The new low power data transmission technology enables the transmitter to be built into the digital indicator, thereby eliminating the need for the MarCal digital callipers to use expensive and high power consuming additional transmitters.

Each MarConnect i-stick wireless receiver is capable of supporting eight measuring tools with a range of up to 12m, thus making it ideal for most bench-top or workstation applications.

When the i-stick is plugged in, the MarConnect integrated wireless interface becomes active and each indicator is located by signal coding in the MarCom software.

Key Features

The main features of the wireless digital callipers include:

  • Sleek, new appearance
  • Large clear digital display enables easy reading
  • Advanced features – lapped guideways, reference system capable of retaining zero position setting, and several product options and accessories
  • Protected against dust and immersion to class IP67
  • Advanced electronics provide increased battery life
  • Integrated wireless provides more freedom of movement
  • Completed data transmission is indicated with a message on the digital indicator’s display
  • No need for interface boxes or additional batteries
  • Extremely energy efficient with battery life extending up to 50% longer than similar systems

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